Hunting The Legendary Moose & Legendary Fishing! Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Animals [RDR2]

Женская куртка Алиэкспресс с длинным рукавом 4 ярких цвета

Today in Red Dead Redemption 2 We Finally hunt the Legendary Moose and go Legendary fishing!


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AMD 1800X 4.1 GHz —
GIGABYTE AUROS 1080TI Graphics Card —
Samsung 960 PRO Series 512GB —
Corsair Hydro Series H115i —

Audient ID14 Audio Interface —
Shure SM7B Studio Microphone —

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Epidemic Sound:
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Комментариев: 29
  1. Adam Cochran

    Can you make a joker outfit and I'm a big fan I love it when you blow things up and get attacked by cougars by surprise it happens to me to one time I went to sleep in my tent then when I came out I got killed by a cougar

  2. Neeraj Joshi

    My god that cougar had my heart racing

  3. Game Zoom

    Moose poop the Canadians shampoo

  4. Nathaniel Mano

    Me who gets mad:Its pronounced anusburg or analburg

  5. Hypo Dryo
  6. OmegaThe1st

    The cougar just wanted a hug :)

  7. Leader of the world

    17:07 thats why i go with two horses…

  8. DDG

    I am new to this channel and is this Anthomnia?

  9. nigel robert johnson

    “Poor horse… OH GOD- well that was a turn of avents

  10. Come here Coward
  11. XxxA MxxX

    My legendary moose hunt right into the water

  12. Slade Lidgett

    Annie Oakley and buffalo bill

  13. Robert Spencer

    That is not at all how moose poop looks. SMH Rockstar!

  14. Jay Cole

    It's alot of Cougars in that area lol

  15. DisabledCable

    Horse crash immediately followed by a cougar attack in the first two minutes followed up by a brownstar brutality of a majestic beast…yup this is the Tagback we all know and love! Thanks for the tips on these beasts!

  16. Celisar1

    How on earth to pick up the trail of a legendary animal faster?? What keys to press on PC (instead of only dead eye)?!? I have been searching this exact area for HOURS before I found the first trail of the legendary moose!!

  17. Noah K

    Holy shot that cougar scared me!!!

  18. Lonnie Church

    I've seen this seven times and the cougar always gets me.

  19. lvbuckeye

    That cougar killing you was karma for you injuring your horse. ?????

  20. I will do the fortnite dance on u

    bruh the legendary moose tripped and died when i was chasing it

  21. Dr. Skulhamr

    The Cougar got me too … TWO TIMES! The first time it was chasing an NPC and the NPC brought him right to me. The second time he was just too fast for me and I couldn't get a bead on him.

  22. zzzachhh.69

    i’ve literally watched all of your rdr2 videos a thousand times but i always come back because they’re so good ??

  23. Alpha Insurance & Surety Com. Inc.

    you can go to hamish sinclair and go fishing and he will give you a special lake lure its a side mission

  24. lvbuckeye

    Being stuck with two different legendary beasts at the same time is why I nearly always roll around with two horses.

  25. James

    Imagine if what tagbacktv said about the sheep was what Arthur wrote in his journal

  26. trey kearns

    Rofl I think this game just flat-out hates you bro it's always making you crash intog shit then a cougar just eats you from out of nowhere after you crash it's hilarious I got to say it really makes watching your videos just an epic experience

  27. llAntimatterll

    1:37 lmfao ? Please tell me that made it into a "When Red Dead hates you" playlist somewhere ?

  28. Jay

    I was hunting the white moose durning a lighting storm, when I got over the hill.. the moose was laying the ground… dead! I thought for a second it was sleeping

  29. Meow Meow Uprising

    I remember a while back a lady was riding her bike in the canyon trails around Hollywood hills (I think) and a cougar leapt out a tree and took her off her mountain bike mid ride. Like you she likely never knew what hit her.

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