A Royal Family Episode 3: The Heirs to an Empire (Documentary)

At the end of the 1800s, the Danish King, Christian IX and his wife, Queen Louise, married their six children into the dominating European royal families and Christian IX became known as «Europe’s Father-In-Law». Today, his descendants are to be found all over Europe.
These are their stories, stories of power, love, triumph, tragedy and honour, recounted through interviews and never before published letters, photographs and home movie footage, by over 30 members of the European royal family.

Anecdotes handed down through generations give insight into a Europe ruled by ‘dynasty politics’ where arranged marriages created alliances between countries.

Episode 3 — The Heirs to Europe
In 1863, Christian IX’s eldest daughter, Alexandra, marries the English heir to the throne, Edward VII who has a taste for the high life and the company of other women. Their posterity is found primarily in the English and Norwegian royal families. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are both descendants of Christian IX.

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